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  • Our son loves this place! This is his first experience with taekwondo and he is really enjoying it. The class sizes are small and the instructor is very attentive and supportive. Always encouraging the kids to do their best. Great environment.

    Heather Morris
  • Kids Martial Arts near Kennewick

    I think this is a great places to learn  Taekwondo. Master Cho is such a great instructor. My 4 year old has so much energy. This is a positive reinforcement. To all kids that just need a activity to do.

  • It is teaching my granddaughter how to defend herself. We love it!!

    Roxanne W.
  • The instructors are so respectful and kind. They are very professional! My son is enjoying his time at the school and is gaining confidence! It's great to see encouraging, respectful people teaching your kid. I would totally recommend!

    Brooke Dyal
  • It's a great place to learn martial arts and its a great place to get your kids involve and teach them discipline and respect. And also get them involved with other kids that have the same interests.

    Juan R.
  • Excellent master great school my son very much enjoys the teaching and friends he makes.

    Rick F.
  • It’s good, you just got to go yourself if want to see just how fun and cool it is to learn TaekWonDo. Amazing instructors and fun classmates to be with. Just stop by and find out yourself. Shoutout to Master Yoonsuk Choi and Ms. Ariana Chan.

    Gabriel D. L. M.
  • It's worth it. The money won't go to waste.

    Rachelle M.
  • Awesome instructors, great environment!

    Bambi C.
  • Very fun and instructive atmosphere for the kids. Also discipline is a very important message that is incorporated into the lessons. Master Choi is a very trained instructor!

    Rodney R.
  • We are very pleased with our experience so far! My five year old just started a few weeks ago and is building confidence as she learns new skills and is having a blast doing it! The environment is respectful, family friendly and the instruction is fantastic - both encouraging and thorough. I would highly recommend Tri-Cities Black Belt Taekwondo to anyone!

    Melody G.
  • A very wonderful place to learn the taekwondo discipline, very patient and helpful. I would highly recommend for new students young and old.

    Rick F.
  • Our grandson loves Master Choi! He is patient, kind and focused on the kids! A truly great mentor! My grandson is learning and developing personal worth and skills. I have never seen him try so hard! It truly is refreshing to see him blossom into a young man. As he grows stronger so does his understanding of work, dedication and respect of others and of self! These are things we treasure at home! And are so thankful for Master Choi being the example for him to grow!

    Buddy and Barbi Fisher
  • Both of my kids are very happy with their classes.

    Alma A.
  • It's amazing, my legs are so sore and you will laugh a lot.

    Kurisutin M.
  • Excellent Instructor! Really enjoy to learn original skills from Master and love his professional teaching method. Great to be in small group.

    I. S. Young
  • We are so happy with everything here. Thank you for the great classes!

    Annelee G.
  • Kids Martial Arts Kennewick

    You can meet a great instructor here. My kids love it here!! I am very happy with them too!

    Yeong C.
  • Kids Martial Arts Kennewick

    Excellent instructor and an amazing facility. I like the teaching methods and the smaller class sizes that allow a focus on each student that you can’t get at any other dojang here, especially for such a good price. Highly recommend.

    Evan G.
  • Great Teacher he's fun and my kid loves going 5 stars!

    Jovita G.


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