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  • Fight the COVID-19

    All awesome TKD families, As all schools are closed for the next 6 weeks due to COVID-19, we have created some precautions for us all to stay healthy and strong. Our instructors are taking the extra time to throughly clean and disinfect all mats and equipments before, between and after classes. We are dedicated to support, growth and progress with each of students. As mentioned in our email earlier, we will still be holding regular classes at this time. However, we will limit close interactions with students. We do suggest parents to simply drop off students to minimize the number of the people in the dojang. Students will be spread out on the mats so prevent close contact to one ....

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  • Stay Updated!

    : Please text @tricitiesblackbelt to 31996 to stay updated with news, events and specials! Thank you! or simply click on this link: ....

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  • "Thank You" in Korean - Yellow Belt

    Learning how to say ‘thank you’ in Korean is one of the most important things to learn when studying the language. Especially in Taekwondo, we want to show respect and be polite to others. Therefore, we have added this as a part of our yellow belt requirements. Check out the video below for the actually pronunciationand start practice your Korean! Thank You - Kam Sa Ham Ni Dah 감사합니다 Click here for the video ....

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